Travel Destinations

Travelling different destinations helps you gain life experiences and get to know about new cultures and people. There are some places where one expects to find many tourists because they are famous for their beauty and wonderful appearance. Nevertheless, there are some travel destinations around the world that are least visited and are known as offbeat destinations.

These destinations are not for everyone as things may not go always go as planned here, getting accommodation and transport can be a little tough and the terrain is not that good too. In spite of so many challenges, these places offer spectacular and breathtaking views and should be on your list to at least visit once.

  • Havana, Cuba

The first impression of this city seems like a confusing jigsaw puzzle, but working out how to put the pieces together, a beautiful picture emerges. This place is very dry and had been neglected for 50 years, but offers great beauty. The art and culture in Havana is one of the biggest city surprises.

  • Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa has one of the most spectacular views emerging on clear days which overlook a valley with mountains towering above on all sides. There is a northern Vietnam’s premier trekking base which offers serene surrounding countryside of cascading rice terraces and tiny hill tribe villages that seem out of this world.

  • Sapporo, Japan

It is the 5th largest city in Japan with a dynamic urban centre that offers everything you would want from a Japanese city, from thriving food scene to stylish cafes, neon-light nightlife to shopping galore. The breathtaking Hokkaido Mountains and hot springs are great attractions to keep you here for days.

  • Menzies, Australia

It is a small gold-rush town in Western Australia and much of it was abandoned once the gold mines ran dry. Yet, it managed to survive and you can find building dating back to the gold rush period and an air of stasis pervades the town. Combined with a small population, Menzies feel like a place caught in the time warp.